Gerhard Ploeg, Ph.D

Senior Adviser | Directorate of Correctional Services of Norway

Gerhard Ploeg is a Dutchman who works as a senior adviser in the Directorate of Correctional Services of Norway. Matters concerning the probation service and community sanctions are his primary areas of work, but he considers himself a generalist in correctional matters. He is a former two-term Vice-President of the European Organisation for Probation CEP. 

He has a Bachelor’s degree in English, a Masters degree in sociology and a Ph.D. in criminology. He worked as a researcher in criminology for over fifteen years at the Criminological Institute of the University of Groningen in the Netherlands before starting in a job as a policy-adviser at the Headquarters of the Dutch Probation Service in 1992. Here he developed a specialisation in community sanctions that, among other things, led him to a conference in Oslo. Some years later he found himself married to one of the organisers and he moved to Norway in 2003. He is 66 years old and has five children in two different countries.