Dr. Brie Williams 

Professor of Medicine | University of California | & Director | Amend | USA

Dr. Brie Williams is a Professor of Medicine at the University of California San Francisco and Director of Amend at UCSF. Dr. Williams’ work focuses on integrating a public health and human rights perspective into criminal justice reform, including the consideration of physical health outcomes in the reform of solitary confinement policies; improving compassionate release policies for incarcerated patients with serious illness so that they are more aligned with the science of prognostication; and improved systems for recognizing and responding to disability, dementia, and serious illness in correctional settings. Dr. Williams directs Amend which is a partnership with the Norwegian Correctional Service that draws on public health and Norwegian correctional principles to transform culture in US prisons so that the health, dignity and humanity of staff and residents is at the center of all programs and policies.